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October 09 2012


Science Fiction

It is not just Sci-fi any longer. The God Particle (Higgs boson) is the foremost discovery in Science recently made in Geneva Switzerland. More than the discovery from the ATOM as the God Particle may be the force that defines all of the atoms, all the elements, all the stuff we are made from within the entire universe plus it performs this without having to be recognized so far.

Science Fiction Author

This book changes everything and alters all future history. This book explains the way the God Particle Field (GpF) is actually the Force which is described inside the The exorcist Movies by George Lucas, except that one does not require a laser sword or an X-Wing Fighter to participate and use it to save oneself.

God Particle Physics For Dummies is made for anybody who does NOT have a Ph.D in a scientific discipline. Clear to see explanation of the the God Particle is about, what it really could be seeking from us and ways to have great results for you personally. The Science on this book is irrefutable proof according to all the newest information of God Particle Physics made known from the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva Switzerland, run by CERN and announced on July 4th, 2012.

If you want the classic Science Fiction stories for example Kurt Vonnegut's 'Cats Cradle' or 'Slaughterhouse Five' or Robert Heinlein's immortal "Stranger In the Strange Land", you'll love God Particle Physics for Dummies. However, be warned this is simply a place to start to learn another classic Sci-fi novel using this author - Realia: E Pluribus Unum, where the story actually re-writes most of background and results in a completely new future Dimensions, something predicted by Quantum Physics and Albert Einstein.

Science Fiction Author

The Author, Michael Mathiesen, a well-known Sci-fi write has been doing his homework and brings a feeling of wonder and awe for the discovery that the scientists who made the invention have thus far over-looked. For when there is a God Particle, the progenitor of most other forces in the universe, ergo, there also has to become a God. And, since we've discovered God's best kept little secret - am i located on the brink of finally being able to "Plug In" towards the greatest force in history? You may find the answers to this and other questions highly compelling.

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